The last Inbox you’ll ever need.

Bring Slack, Gmail and all your other tools together into one unified inbox experience.

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Compose Integrations
Inbox management

Your tools work
better together.

Compose brings the best work tools together to power your workday and simplify your life.


View. Organise. Action. Search.

Manage your messages and notifications in a way that works for you.


Manage all of your calendars together.

All your calendars now available alongside your inboxes.


Work smarter, send faster.

Built-in quick actions helping you manage your inbox with ease.


Privacy as a priority.

We put your privacy at the forefront of everything we do. We will never read your messages, sell your data or use it for advertising.

Call anyone from anywhere.

Launch the calls you need to have straight from Compose.

Mobile app.

Stay on top of work whilst
you’re on the go.

coming sooN

Global Search.

Find what you want instantaneously
with no confusion.

Interactive Notifications.

Manage your inbox messages straight from the notification.

Unified Contacts.

One profile for each contact, across all their accounts.

Super fast.

Instantaneous interactions. Respond in milliseconds.

Focus mode.

Block out the noise
and focus on what’s important to you.