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Email and messaging apps are great. They allow us to connect with the world like never before. But the way they have been designed is problematic.

They have been designed to steal your attention, and the more apps and tools we have to stay on top of, the harder it becomes to find focus and get work done.

Compose reimagines the way these apps work by funnelling all your tools into one inbox that’s been designed to eliminate distractions, so that you can get your work done and reclaim the freedom to focus on the work that matters most to you.

Bring the internet in,
keep the distractions out

Freedom to Focus
on your most
important and
impactful work.
Group your tools. Take back control.
We’re all juggling multiple tools and inboxes.

Headspace's let you group your tools and accounts into themes that you can tackle one at a time, all from one place.
Organise your inbox, your way
Other inboxes assume each message has the same level of importance. We know that isn’t true.

Splits help you break your inbox into smart sections, giving you clarity over what’s important and what isn’t, helping you to reply faster to what matters.
Take action on every message
Fly through your inbox by taking action on every message, either one by one, or all together.No more marking as unread when you need to come back to something.

Mark them as done, add them to your to-do list, or remind yourself about it later. Compose helps you clear out your inbox clutter.

Privacy as a priority

We put your privacy at the forefront of everything we do. We will never read your messages, sell your data or use it for advertising. Learn more.

believe us?

Listen to our

“ ”

"Having 5 Gmail accounts for different business interests can be quite challenging when trying to keep up to date. My inbox had far too many unread emails, and it was hard to find important ones that I wanted to keep track of. Now I have my different headspaces set up and split into my key topics, keeping abreast of everything that is going on is so much easier."

Adrian Brown
Founder, McMasters and Brown

"As an ADHD entrepreneur, organising my workflow is a daily challenge. Compose has totally changed that. I have every inbox in one place, work, personal, slack etc. and I finally have a workflow that I can actually stick to! I couldn’t recommend it highly enough."

Charlie Bennett
Founder, Social Climb

"Before Compose, managing multiple email and Slack accounts was stressful but now my workflow has been transformed. Headspaces let me easily tackle each group of emails one at a time without having to switch context and Live Links saves me loads of time. I love that I can view Google Docs and other links without ever leaving the Compose platform. It’s a small feature, but it makes a big difference in my workflow."

Aufar Laksana
Software Engineer, Contractor

What could you achieve
if you were free to focus?