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We're constantly working to make Compose better. We want to build something that our users love. To give you a say in what we build next, we're provided our feature roadmap below where you can vote for what you want to see next!

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Give inbox items a priority

Do you use your inbox as a to-do list? Well it could be a lot easier to focus on what matters most if you're able to clearly prioritise your inbox items. You'd even be able to group your splits by priority - game changer!

Add inbox items to a to-do list

Make working through your inbox even easier by adding items to a to-do list so you know what to stay in top of.

Outlook Support

Want to bring all of your different email accounts into one? Supporting Outlook as well as Gmail could be our next integration.

Support Email Templates

Constantly sending out the same emails? being able to choose from a pre-set template can supercharge your workflow.

Send Later and Undo Send

Make email sending hassle- and stress-free with the confidence that you can send any email at the right time and undo an accidental send where you forgot to add that attachment.