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Compose Changelog

Find all the updates to Compose below, from new features to bug fixes. Keep an eye out for your name too, we'll give you a shoutout if you requested a change! 👇

February 27, 2023

February 27, 2023


  • Added new frameless window style for MacOS app
  • Added ability to download files that were of unknown file type
  • Added “Gmail Labels” split template
  • Added a shortcut to toggle showing/hiding the calendar on desktop. Thanks for requesting, August!
  • Added question asking which accounts you want connected in the splits wizard

Bug Patches

  • Fixed duplicate split journey freezing Headspace view navigation
  • Fixed order of splits not persisting on initial split creation
  • Fixed undo action for deleting a split
  • Fixed issue where “update split” button would be disabled even if there were changes to be saved
  • Fixed email media not being previewable due to type mismatch
  • Fixed display of non-preview file types being hidden. Thanks for reporting, Andrejs!
  • Fixed issue where you could not go back to the selected headspace if the calendar was open. Thanks for reporting, Jeremy!
  • Fixed issue where reply button was shown in the thread sidebar incorrectly
  • Fixed email reply drag and drop not working. Thanks for reporting, Florian!


  • Updated emoji’s in the Get Started Headspace to numbers based on user feedback
  • Ensured the split emoji when set, is displayed correctly in the split navigation area
  • Added tooltip to the emoji selector in the create split modal to help users understand the emoji selector is for the split name
  • Chooses a random emoji if the user hasn't selected one
  • Updated split wizard templates to include questions with multiple drop-downs
  • Changed “Slack Channels”, “Slack DMs” and “Slack Threads” split templates to exclude mutes and archived conversation by default
  • Included “Monday.com” in “All Notifications” split template
  • Changed copy of dropdown selectors when none selected to better indicate which values should be selected
February 27, 2023


9 of our early users have told us that they want to be able to view and manage their calendar from within Compose - and now they can!

Click the calendar icon in the bottom left hand corner to connect your most loved calendar app: Google Calendar, Amie or Cron.

Go back to it whenever you need by clicking the icon, or use the keyboard shortcut CMD + Shift + 0 to toggle it on and off.

February 20, 2023

February 20, 2023


  • Added support for Live Links - as requested by 11 of our amazing early users!

Bug Patches

  • Fixed mute notifications toggle incorrectly being toggled on in split wizard
  • Fixed Live Links resizing reactivity.


  • Updated styling and UI for new split creation journey

February 20, 2023

Live Links

Requested by 11 of our early users, Live Links is finally here!

With Live Links, you can view and interact with all notifications and links without switching to another app or opening a new tab.

How to get started with Live Links?

  • Download our Desktop app. (Live Links are not available in the web app)
  • Find and click on an email notification in your inbox (find out how to connect your tools to Compose here)
  • See that tool, and the notification open on the right side of your screen, in a fully interactive format.
February 13, 2023

February 13, 2023


  • Public launch of Desktop App
  • Added ‘To Do’ split template, so users can move all the inbox items that they need to action into this split. Thanks for requesting Jonny, Nick, James, Charlie, Kirsty, Rahul and Paul!
  • Added advanced preference to user settings: ‘Mark as done on reply’, which auto archives a conversation on message send. Thanks for requesting Brittany!
  • Added support for ClickUp email notifications
  • Added 'What's new' button to profile pop up to redirect users to our Changelog

Bug patches

  • Fixed toggles not working within the settings/preferences UI
  • Fixed issue where after changing headspace from within Settings or Template Explorer, you were not redirected to the inbox
  • Fixed logic of mark as read on archive
  • Fixed issue where grouping of a split incorrectly reverts back to group by date. Thank you for reporting Chris!
  • Fixed the Move to Trash bug, allowing the action to be done and undone correctly
  • Fixed duplicate emails being shown in the new message journey ‘From’ field. Thanks for reporting Brittany!
  • Fixed issue where settings menu remained open after opening the settings page
  • Fixed Split Screen so that it resizes correctly when thread view is also open
  • Fixed labels to ensure they are sorted alphabetically
  • Updated ctrl+k shortcut in windows so that it just opens the Quick Actions modal and does not shift focus to the URL bar


  • Updated the email tooltip buttons to new button & styling
February 6, 2023


We’ve had a whopping 21 of our early users request this feature - so we are so excited to announce that this week, we released Headspaces!

Headspaces were built to help those of you that have several things on the go at once, stay organised.

They allow you to bring everything together in Compose but split your jobs, projects, hobbies and side hustles into separate Headspaces that you can THEN organise with splits. 🥳

Steps to create a new Headspace

→ Click the new plus icon on the left of your screen.

→ Name your headspace and choose the relevant accounts.

→ Build your splits for your new headspace.

February 6, 2023

February 6, 2023


  • Added “Headspaces” feature which enables users to create partitions which group together accounts and splits
  • Added support for actionable Asana, Canva, Airtable and Google Drive tool notifications
  • Added ability to group inbox items by account

Bug Patches

  • Fixed GIF error message by adding thumbnail catching on send for gifs - thank you Andrej for reporting!
  • Fixed bug causing multiple general headspaces to be created on user load
  • Fixed issue where emoji picker would remain open after selecting an emoji - thank you for reporting Frederik!
  • Fixed issue where sidebar would not open when replying to a message that was a part of a thread
  • Fixed available splits in “Move To” modal to be restricted to the splits inside of the current headspace
  • Fixed initial split in focus to be the first split in the headspace, on initial load and when switching between headspaces
  • Fixed Mac Desktop update journey
  • Fixed bug causing crash on search when conversations don’t load. Thanks for reporting Brittany and Mohamed!
  • Fixed styling of email body, for on hover link copy icon, and for on hover dismiss icon, to be compatible with Dark Theme - thank for reporting Brittany!


  • Updated logic to compute and display whether a headspace contains unread conversations.
  • Updated shortcut to change headspaces by pressing numbers on the keyboard when in the inbox.
  • Updated effect to ensure that on connecting a new account to a headspace, it is auto-selected to be included in said headspace.
  • Updated to redirect to inbox when switching between headspaces
January 30, 2023

January 30, 2023


  • Added support for Dark Theme
  • Added new “Hit Inbox Zero!” button to mark a whole view as done in the split navigation bar
  • Added new checkbox to split navigation bar to select all items in the current split
  • Added support for actionable Zoom, Loom, GitHub, Trello, Intercom, Google Calendar and Calendly actionable notifications.


  • Updated templates to be in line with “Split your inbox” title, paragraph and button
  • Updated styling of unread inbox items to be more clear


  • Fixed style of the toggles in settings to be grey when untoggled
January 30, 2023

Hit Inbox Zero!

Do you have a split that fills up with Junk on a daily basis? Maybe it’s that newsletter split? Or a long list of Github Pull Requests. You can now mark that whole split as done in with one click.

Steps to Hit Inbox Zero

 Navigate to the split you want to mark as done.

 See the “Hit Inbox Zero” button in the top right.

 Hit the button.

 See all messages in this split have now been marked as done.